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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Long did I evade those Leapers Wee, but the horror of their menace was ever upon my mind. My boldly-empurposed journey became a period of wandering. Oh, how that sun of yonder light did beat upon my brow with lashing fire and hottest heat. And oh, how that gibbous moon grew fuller yet and mocked me with its haughty glow!

When in utter despondence did my upper head assure my lower limbs that all was lost and soon consumed by evil deeds of Leapers Wee, did I chance alas upon what I hoped to be that glorious Voonville. Ended was that wandering madness, gone now away those slinking minions of evil deed.

And thus did I approach a man and thrust his way my hairily given card. He looked upon it with confusion. How odd, I thought, that such a man of Voonville should look thereon and know not of its address. And then did I learn of a terrible thing. This place, this town, was not my destination. It was, in fact, known by the name of Moultrie. Certainly, this was a town of foul and bottomous folk. I inquired of this moultering man the whereabouts of my long asearched Voonville and no answer could he give.

What to do? Surely that princely Edgar prodded me northward, and surely such a man would never lead me false. So then did I sit upon a rock and contemplate my way. How further north could my Voonville lie? Not far I dearly hoped. As I groped about in the hollow of my bag for oranges, I then took hold of a hopeful thing. The Samurai Contact Nodule. Did I dare to activate such and call him hence? Surely he could advise me well. And yet, his hunt for my wicked progeny could be foiled by such a calling. Such dire decisions did I long consider.

Then in the distance, I spied a small leaping. Even now those Leapers are close upon very presence. I cannot delay. So with bold and decisive fingers did I mash upon the button. The Contact Nodule glowed and pulsed with needful hope, then I took my feet and cast them to the ground.

“Plod onward!” I cried, and soon did they comply. With no backward glance I left that town of hideously moultering folk and fled to the north where somewhere in darkness lay that Voonish land of wandering's end.


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