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Monday, January 30, 2006

Leapers Wee

Night after day after night did I plod that northward way. And night after day after night did those eyes upon my nape espy. But on the third night after day, I am loathe to report that my wicked progeny once more ensnared me in a trap most foul and hideously lain.

As with my radiant sign I strode, I glimpsed afar a great crowd of small and leaping men. In terror I shook and waved at them my Sign to ward away their hungry molestations. Yet still they came and would not be diverted from what purpose I shudder to relish. I spun to run and found myself surrounded in the night by these repellent men. Though remarvelantly wee in stature they loomed titanous in their foreboding and their leaping menace.

So had my end come. So then did I cast away all hope of vengeance upon that Budge-Nuzzard so evilly born. So did I wail and quiver and wait for my leaping fate to be delivered.

But lo! Upon my nape fell once more that gazing, and from no Wee Leaper did it fall. Out of the night leapt a figure, heroically loping and hairily bounding. The Sha-Una. That hairiest of allies! Hope reborn of tangled hair and great and loping gait!

The Sha-Una opened within its hair a cavernous (and quite handy) marsupial pouch and from it drew a clutch of spiny pods. These spiny pods he flung about and many Wee Leapers were pierced and fled whence they had come. Mighty weapons at hand, I loosed my secret battle cry and from that cave-like pouch cast spiny pods with Weemish fury!

In short order, the once terrible legion of Wee Leapers was dispatched. Before that hairiest of allies could be thanked and questioned, I found myself alone once more with much to relish and gloan. Having fled quickly from my lately saved presence The Sha-Una was again gone.

Though the night has seen a mighty victory of Weem over Wee, the event troubles me. It seems that my wicked progeny has grown in both robiderance and power! He now commands Minions! Rarely am I wont to see Minions in the hands of mine enemy, and such Minions as these more so than usual.

But ah, how blessed am I to be ever awatched by that hairily heroic Sha-Una. Therefore, onward do I plod in victory, bearing within my upper head the sure knowledge that though my foe wields now that legion of Leapers Wee, that I have an ally upon this darkest road and by flung defense of spiny pods acasted may all budging evil yet be undone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's gonna give me nightmares. scary.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 4:08:00 PM  
Blogger Thaddeus Glapp said...

Hideous indeed!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 5:01:00 PM  

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