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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I am now awatched and sore afraid.

As my plodden journey onward goes, I have, in the night I fear, gained a companion, though boon or ill I cannot say. In darkness, the moon, so gibbous and bloated, my way did brightly light. And then I felt upon my nape a gazing. Hideous it was, and urblementary. I hurled my eyes about to see what eyes I felt aseeing me, but no eye spying did I see. I bid my feet plod on, and bid such repellent gazing be flushed in whole from my upper head. My feet heeded well. My upper head, however, cast itself in rebellious form and tormented me with suspicion and worry. Oh, how then I loathed my treacherous head!

As my very mind fought to stay its contumacious self, I attempted to fathom the reason for my unseen watcher. Anne, I remembered, was so hideously awatched and shortly thereafter rudely handled and thoroughly captured by my wicked progeny. Were these spying eyes those very same? Surely not. Would that Budge and Nuzzard one chance itself to come so near? No, my wicked progeny would dare not, and did he dare decide to do what he otherwise did dare not, then surely the Samurai would soon appear to set some snaring trap to deliver up his prey. No, these eyes were no Budge, nor Nuzzard known. But known or not, what repellent circumstance had drawn them hence?

It was then that I flung my eyes upon that moon so brightly hanging. So gibbous! So bright--too bright! Indeed I found myself ringed about in light as if the very sun had flung itself upon me (though I did not burn). No moon-glitter is this. It was my Sign. I knew that it was finely wrought and proudly scrawled, but such a luminescence as that which the wonder, the goodness, and the glory of that radiant sign produced have I never heretofore gazed upon. It was this, no doubt, that had drawn those repugnant eyes my way.

So be it. I shall not cast aside that which bears my truest creed. Come now, eyes of night! Come now and throw your gaze upon my finely-haired nape! I fear thee not and never shall succumb. Know thee now defiance!

And thus did I raise my fist and onward plod, awatched.


Blogger eiszoe said...

Gee...was Shakespear captured by the Weem-Ti? ;)

"And then I felt upon my nape a gazing...and bid such repellent gazing be flushed in whole from my upper head."

Saturday, January 28, 2006 11:13:00 AM  
Blogger Thaddeus Glapp said...

Though the Sha-Una appears to have shaken many a deadly spear, I do not suspect the hairiest of allies to be a Weem. Indeed, never did a Weem lope so.

Saturday, January 28, 2006 12:00:00 PM  

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