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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It seems that the Lurker, on whom I have lavished such suspicion and outrage, is likely to be my undoing. After his repellent molestation of my previous update I accosted him whence he lurked and shook him terribly.

"Down with you and likewise your master!" I shouted and smote him awfully upon what I supposed to be his most tender portion. And did he cry out? Did he relent and groan such utterances as I demanded? He did not. And my anger waxed large. I smote him. And still his cries and agony were denied me!. What shall become of me, a Weem of grand descent, that I should fail to render such a Lurker to quivering and surrender? How then shall my lately sat-upon(and hideously patted) Anne view such a one as I? With detestation! Woe!

So then did I cast aside my foe. As he clattered to the floor of the abode and lay at my feet, I began again to consider my plight, not of the Lurker (no, not that), rather that of my wicked progeny. All became clear. The Lurker is sent here to torment me--NAY--to distract me. Oh how abhorrently my progeny draws his plans! Oh, how easily am I entangled thus!

No more. I shall away! To Voonville must my feet now plod with bulging nub and lately ungnawed gait. Though my way is long, I bid a biting farwell to this sweet abode and flap my hand its way. No more. No more to be tormented thus by that pan-like minion of my eternal foe. Now for action.

But first I shall gather the tools of my vengence.

Calibrated Eye of a Weem
Thupping Cream (so soft)
Hairily-Given Card
Clandestine Jellies
Writing Tool (black)
Samurai Contact Nodule
Bag for Oranges

Pray these shall aid me well. Destination, I seek thee now and thy name is Voonville!


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