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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Watcher

Woe of Joys! Joy of Woes! Let me explain.

I had communications today from Anne! Ah, with joy did my ears hear her voice. But such joy must soon turn to a bottomous woe. She was most apologetic about her former loathing of me. I insisted that such loathing was of no import but she thought otherwise and convinced me that however loathsome she thought me before, she now considered me most loathless.

It was then that her communication showed its darker nature. It seems that she is now certain that she is being followed by unknown eyes (yes, more than one!). She accounts that she had neither heard, nor seen these eyes, but that they must be of a slinking and hideous composition as she has at times felt them upon her and gleaned their ill-intent.

"It is the Budge-Nuzzard," I proclaimed in terror, but she bid me make no rapid assumption. In afterthought I must agree that a Budge-Nuzzard, espescially one such as mine, is not easily concealed nor does such a one often slink with any mentionable skill.

I told her that I should come to her, to guard her every sweating pore against those eyes, but she refused my aid. She will come to me, she decided, and in such coming perhaps the slinking and ill-seeing eyes will be drawn out, and thence awalloped.

It has been nearly eighty-seven minutes since we terminated our communication. Still she has not arrived. I fear the very bad, and possibly the worst. Ah, to have the joy of her voice so withered by the evil of her watchedness. It is almost more than I can sit.

I can do naught but pass the time. I must wait. The Lurker in the Dark waits with me. It still has not moved, nor spoken. I believe that it is close to its breaking point.


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