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Newly arrived and hideously gnawed.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


My sojourn has come to an end, and hideously so.

The darkness of Gnashville have I encountered, and countered it with my lighter shades. It has been no easy endeavor, and I expect that a great yawning must take place before all is clear.

This much will I say now: Anne is yet lost, the Budge-Nuzzard is yet at large, and the Samurai has tested his worth and found it equalled! But hope plods on in the form of the Sha-Una. Alas, these events must be properly relished within my upper head before a full disclosure of such unfoldings can commence.

Having returned I found the Lurker in the Dark gone, escaped, fled to some repellently unlit corner to once more lurk in silence.

More later, I go now to yawn and relish.


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