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Newly arrived and hideously gnawed.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Upon waking, I dared again my doorstep. And indeed, found gone my note of reply. Certainly now, the Nuzzard quakes in fear.

Given long thought and much thinking I have concluded that the finding—nay—the rescuing of Anne is not likely to be accomplished from within my sweet abode. Newly arrived as I am, I had hoped to make no long incursion to the outer places of the world before, at least, my thirtieth, and perhaps my thirty-fourth day. Alas, it must be otherwise!

I therefore looked upon a map that I discovered placed with nustling secrecy amongst the books of the abode and sought to peer at it intently that I might find what place upon it my wicked progeny should most likely be drawn toward, and there hide most hideously.

My eyes tore at the paper with great need! That Anne should be somewhere upon it and Budge-ladened against her very will was foremost upon my eyes as they bounded across the map with furious looking.

A place named Alabama I saw, and cast aside, for no Budge nor Nuzzard either should wish to set limb nor lobe in so named a place. Onward leapt my searching eyes.

Wilmington they saw and dismissed it utterly! A Budge-Nuzzard has never yet been known to Wilm and that it should flee my wrath to a place filled with such is madness most sure.

And then upon a spot upon the paper my eyes smote a terrible blow. This they told me was the place. No other place amapped could bear so cretinous a name. Without doubt my Nuzzard would seek such a place and nustle deep within.

Thus did I plan my course. Thus did I resign myself to bitter hells and fouler smells. Anne must not long abide such as she is forced. Away! Away!

I am leaving, on a craft of loud and quivering air. I do not know when I shall be here again. Oh Anne, I loath such departure!

I go into darkness, and Gnashville is its name.


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