The Budge-Nuzzard

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Newly arrived and hideously gnawed.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


My attempt to capture a representation of my wicked progeny has gone awry. Upon entering the far room of the abode, the Nuzzard, seemingly separated from its Budge (something I had not thought possible), leapt from the ground and smote me. Before I had regained my senses and my feet (all of them) the Budge-Nuzzard had recomposed its former union and sprung through the open window. At the moment of its springing I fancied that I heard it whisper, "No Pot like the Pan", but upon this point I am by no means certain. Another matter for the Samurai to contemplate I expect.

At length, I reaquired my Calibrated Eye of a Weem which had been flung from my hand in the terrible smiting. I cautiously exited the abode and looked with horror as the Budge-Nuzzard leapt the enclosing fence and then sat upon the ground to glare at me most hideously. I approached as near as I dared and bring to you now these representations.

Note: I must remember to keep my meeting with Anne. She may be displeased.

See above: "The Leaping"

See above: "The Glaring"